Matchless Repairs

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Well its working again. As the gasket had cause the last failure I decided to replace it. I also took the chance to replace the 4 bolts that hold the head to the barrel as 1 or 2 had damage on the threads. Also fitted a new base gasket and new seals at the end of the pushrod tubes as they were leaking a little oil. There is a indent into the head from the gasket. There seems to be signs the copper cylinder head gasket has leaked in the past and its just been done up tighter to get it going again. There is a indentation into the head that is from the copper gasket but only near 2 of the 4 bolts that hold the head to barrel. The head also shows some squashing of the metal on the top area of two of the bolts so we used 2 washers to pack it out more otherwise the bolts would tighten against the thread in the barrel rather than putting pressure on the head against the barrel. On the last two outings on the bike I had lost 2 nuts that hold on pushrod inspection/rocker cover so I bought some new ones from Jampot Spares and then drilled and lockwired them in. Lockwired to prevent the nuts falling off again.

Back from Wales

Category: Matchless G3 61

Bike at Baskerville Hall, in Clyro, Wales Well I went to Wales and had a great time, I managed 285km before I broke the bike and now I need to replace the head gasket. I wrote a full report of my weekend here . I love this stuff I found a Ford The Matchless on the Trailer of Shame The reason why it failed to get home. Head Gasket gone. The head seems fine.

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