Website Design

I am a self taught web designer and I have learnt about different aspects of website design and management as I have gone along. I get faced with a problem so I go out and learn how to fix it.

This has meant as well as a knowledge of HTML I also know how to use CSS, PHP, and MySQL to achieve what I need to do.

I used to run a online news site which had information on trailriding and motorcycle events in my area. I worked on this wile I was at college and its where I learnt some of the pitfalls of a insecure website. I lost my interest in the side because I had a few security issues, I was busy with University, and there were several other sites at the same time running and we all had similar information so I decided to take the site down. I still have the information and one day I may put it back online again. But for now its on the back burner as there are better and more established places to get this information from at the moment.

Midwest Racing

Currently I have been working on helping Midwest Racing with a few of their sites,

  • Midwest MCC - This is the club website, I had to re-design this site from the ground up. I used a content management system for this job because I wanted to put up a News sections. I also wanted the site to be easy to update. I also help the club with the Entry Forms and with the Current Standings.
  • Midwest Husaberg UK - This is the website for the Midwest Husaberg UK racing team. Again I used a content management system because this site is mainly going to be about the news from event/riders so I needed something quick to update again.
  • Midwest Racing - This is the shop''s main site and I have made the site look similar to the other two sites so that they would nicely tie in with each other. I have also setup their new Online shop using a popular online shopping cart system. The shop are capable to update their own site now with new products and discounted items.

I will be helping to improve all these sites with content and making them more accessible to the search engines (SEO). I believe learning is a on-going process and I will try my best to keep pushing my boundaries when it comes to all things to do with websites. As they are ever changing.

Ashwick Parish

Ashwick Parish website is now live for all to see. I live in Oakhill which is in the parish of Oakhill. I was asked to put a site together that would help with showing information about the villages in the Parish. It would also be home for the minuets from the meetings. The website will mainly be run by a committee setup of village members. I will assist with technical issues and issue the occasional update.

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